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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. republican presidential candidates face off in california tonight, the topic that is sure to be a hot one in this debate. ktvu channel 2 news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news morning news. it is wednesday september 7thth, i am dave clark. >> let's start with steve paulson. how is the weather? it is clear inland anywhere from 40s to 50s and 60s and we will have near 90s to 100 degrees inland. 60s and 70s as other places as well. you can see the fog is thick here and it is also thick on the coast so use a lot of caution. also the morning commute looks good on the bay bridge coming
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into san francisco, let's go back to the desk. topping the news a 5th person has died in nevada restaurant carson city. kraig debro joins us from the national guard armory in san jose. >> reporter: good morning, we are here to see if we can gauge reaction from the national california guardsmen. i did speak to them and they plan to release the identities of all the victims, all the deceased victims at a news conference this morning. edwardo sencion is the killer and one of the five people killed on to edwardo sencion he went into a restaurant and walked directly to a table with five national guardsmen and opened fire. he drove to the restaurant in a mini-van. he stepped out and immediately
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aimed at a woman in a parking lot. after shooting the national guardsmen he shot and killed himself. >> there is not a lot of information but we are working closely with atf establishing the trail of the weapons, where they came from and how they ultimately arrived in our suspect's hands. >> reporter: police recovered a pistol and some version of an ak-47 which the sheriff said was the primary weapon. his family is claiming, it is not clear those made it to medical records. everybody is shocked because they didn't have a murder suspect last year. edwardo sencion lives in carson city but has a business in south lake tahoe and were commuting to that business from
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carson city. his parents had been in mexico on vacation and the sheriff said they returned home last night. kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will be following this story throughout the morning and throughout the day and you can get any information by going to a test in san mateo county, in pacifica, we will find out why this test will be different than ones in the past, alex? >> reporter: this will be a full volume test to make sure tsunami sirens can be heard across a broad area here on the san mateo coast. and they are right behind us in pacifica and they will be going off at around 10:00 and this test will be louder and longer than it has been before. a total of 8 sirens, the
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blaring sound will last for about a minute or so. this monthly test will crank the valium to make sure it is fully functional after the earthquake in japan. people who live here say they are glad to hear about this test. >> honestly living right here you need something to know what is going on because right now i go to work and i never hear anything. i don't know what is going on right here, you know? >> they want to make sure their tsunami system is working properly and they will start to go off this morning and they will be louder and the sirens will last for longer than they have before so be prepared for
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that. alex savage ktvu channel 2 news. after carol barts was fired, ceo of yahoo was let go. the founder and chairman were behind the move. there was a lot of optimism when she was hired but hopes excited results. >> when she got on board they were going under but she was not able to complete the turnaround. >> the search for a replacement, they are looking to start immediately. anybody who works there has to figure out what kind of worker they want to be. they will be in southern california for a debate at the reagan presidential library.
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coming up we will have a live report from the washington d.c. bureau on a confrontation between the two front runners mitt romney and rick perry. the 59 proposals include capping federal spending, reducing corporate income taxes to 2 5%, eliminating taxes and capital gains for the middle- class and repeeling the healthcare reform law. president barack obama is scheduled to release his job's plan tomorrow night during an address to congress. the white house leaked parts of this $300 billion package and it calls for a payroll tax cut for the year. tax cuts for businesses who hire new employees and aid in states to prevent teacher layoffs. a man suspected in a deadly attack on an elderly farmer is
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due in court today. incriminating text messages led to the arrest of jaun martinez. he was already in custody on unrelated charges. he and another man viciously beat this man and his daughter during the robbery. his daughter survived the attack. he did not. and he survived an unrelated gun battle with police last year. after being hit by a car while crossing the street she was crossing the street yesterday afternoon. she suffered major injuries to her head and was taken to a local hospital. so far no word on whether the driver is cooperating with police but anybody who saw it is being asked to come forward. they are looking to see new
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places to live after a fire broke out between them homes on east th street. both homes were damaged but the cause of the fire is under investigation. all right, 608 is the time, what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> you are going to see traffic getting busier in the 6:00 hour looking at highway 4, it is already stop and go into antioch and parts of the pittsburgh and here there are no major problems coming up to the willow pass grade. also the morning commute is good at the bay bridge toll plaza and we see slow traffic is some of those cash lanes before you actually make it onto the bridge. and in livermore valley pleasantton this whole area we have been looking at is off to a much better start.
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580 looks good as you drive towards 108. we start off with mostly clear skies, that is not the case but you can see there is a layer of it. a few high clouds it may be a sign of things to come as we head towards the weekend. it is going to be sunny, near 90s to 100 degrees and the weekend is going to set up shop and the rap wrap around may give us high level clouds. some of that may drift over here and we have a couple of days to iron it out. thick day of fog on the coast and that's about the extent of it. if the fog burns back we will have 70s and 80s.
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so a big difference in the temperatures just on the coast alone. santa cruz hit 80s. it had not amount for too much. look at that, it is 46. santa rosa 49, 51 in san francisco. there is a lot of low temperatures and in the city cool readings, twin peeks in the upper 40s, trail hill and outer sunset lower 50s. official temperature is 51 and you can see how it varies nearby. they will be 997 -- 97 for travis and mendocino, patchy thick fog and we have no problems seeing sunshine with warm to hot conditions and it
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does like like the warmest day of the week. 80s to 90s for some. 100 in clear lake ukiah. 97 fairfield, 100 in antioch and also brentwood. 74 alameda, pleasantton 74 and 88 for morgan hill, 62 d.c. san mateo and palo alto at 84 degrees. partly sunny and partly cloudy on friday and those clouds will play into a partly cloudy weekend. since 9/11 there has been a call to improve communication between first responders an emergency crews are still
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facing radio silence. a big decision looming, why students and parents are nervous.
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. 36 people have died after a passenger jet was carrying a local ice hockey team crashed
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from russia. it happened northeast of moscow. at least one person survived but is hurt. the official says the plane was carrying the locomotive ice hockey team and again this is just coming in 36 people killed in a plane crash in russia and we will bring you all the latest details as we get them into the ktvu channel 2 news room. they will decide the fate of two schools, a year after the city contributed 300,000 to a label men trithat school is facing foreclosure again. the city can't afford to help this time. 400 students attend but those families could be forced to find a new school next year. >> me and my we have had to find a new school and put them in and this is right in our community and this will be really hard for us. >> now pinellas could also be shut down and the school meets
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tonight to vote on the issue. eight republican candidates will hold a forum at the reagan presidential library and this will be the first debate for one of the candidates, the governor of texas rick perry. >> reporter: all eyes will be on the new gop front-runner rick perry has surged ahead of the pack since entering a few weeks ago. just behind him mitt romney and michele bachmann are looking to gain momentum in the first of three debates over the next few weeks. she said she wants to get rid of a big federal agency. >> the department of education and the constitution does not specifically allow nor does it give to the federal government to sue perfect intend over --
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superintend over education. >> debating is not one of his strongest skills he has participated in four other debates over the last ten years. allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. well on 9/11 it was determined emergency respond responders were not able to communicate, it is being blamed on high costs and disagreements and evolving technology. bay area workers are looking for a system of systems they hope will work in the event of a disaster. ktvu channel 2 news will mark september 11th with a special program call 9/11 a decade of change it.$♪ will
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include new york and pennsylvania. they are taking another step towards going paper less. they are letting voters decide if they want to receive ballot information guides electronically and it costs almost a dollar each to print. it is nearly a half million dollars for the last election and they are expected to give final approval and send it to the mayor for his okay. the proposed bag band is going a step further. they want to band plastic bags as well as single use paper bags. stores would giveaway or sell or be fined. a plastic bag will be allowed to prevent contamination and city council will decide whether they will move forward with this proposal. >> we will go back to sal to check in on any problemmed spots for the commute, sal?
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>> we do have a stalled vehicle right at the 280 interchange and it is submit off and it is a little -- it is split off and just a bit chaotic. san francisco police are working an accident with a pedestrian and a car and it looks like the fire department is there as well. let's move along to live pictures if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights have been switched on and we are getting a back up on the toll plaza. and freeway still looks good causing little or no delay, thanks you steve. cool readings in san francisco and upper 40s, a lot of locations upper 60s. a few high clouds spending in off a weak low and this is a
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precursor of what we'll see over the weekend as one moves into central california and maybe some changes brewing later in the week. it will be sunny and hot with inland temperatures with 90s to near 100. 59 livermore, 51 in the city, coral valley is 48. a little component of a westerly breeze but hardly any delta breeze whatsoever and a low spinning off mendocino, it may ramp up fog later. 70s around the bay, inland 90s to near 100 degrees. a little cooler on thursday and an increase on the fog by friday. we will not have higher clouds but maybe partly cloudy skies with 60s and 70s.
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there are new complaints that google restricts smart phone manufacturers that have adopted the operating system. google says there are no such restrictions. they are taking legal action to take over t- mobile. the move will cut down the number of options consumers have. sprint is more interested in protecting its own interests than benefitting consumers. they are also suing saying the deal will violate antitrust laws. they produce special effects of some of the biggest blockbusters in hollywood has gone out of business. there is a rift and optical
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hired several. john wayne can now own a piece of hollywood history. hats costumes, they are all going up for auction next month. more than 7 professional items will go on the auction block and it includes the eye patch, you can see right there he wore it in his 1969 movie, true grit. 6:22 is the time now arrested over a cell phone, the reason an airline passenger was taken into custody after the plane landed. the reason a drink or two a day may be good for at least a certain group of people. good morning, highway traffic in bay point coming to the pittsburgh area. we will tell you about this morning's commute, stay tuned.
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. a new study released in a medical journal tracked 122,000 nurses. it found that the women who had one drink a day or lesson a regular basis had a better chance of being healthier when they got older, overall frequent drinking led to better odds compared to nondrinkers compared to people who only drank once or twice a week. they have indicted a man in texas for threatening a going executive. marissa received more than 20,000 threatening tweet over the past few months. he is now being held without bail. vice-president of maps and last year she was the fundraiser for president barack obama at her home.
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a cell phone, a spokesperson said the man turned his cell phone on as the flight was landing in el paso monday. the flight attendant asked him to turn it off but he would not do it. the flight attendant met the man at the gate and they took him into custody. we are about to learn more about a shooting at a carson city i-hop. the opening bell is next, find out why this day will be opposite of yesterday's opening.
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this morning looks like a very good gain right off the top. a couple of reasons why there is a three day decline, and then this morning germany's top court moved the way for some bailout packages and that's sending optimism across europe and we in america are concerned about the european debt crisis. we will say good morning to you, it is the middle of the week wednesday september 7thth, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, time now 6:30. live now where another person has died, the victims were of the national guard. joining us from the national guards armory in san jose, kraig debro? >> reporter: they say they will
6:32 am
be releasing the names of the four homicide victims at 9:00 this morning here at the national guard armory, i just spoke to somebody inside and they said they heard about it yesterday obviously people were talking about it. they have a flag on the poll and i asked them why it was still flying and they said it was due to construction and the flag is at full staff for now. >> i think everybody is shocked to the core, there is no other way to put it. this type of incident never occurred in this community. >> reporter: needless to say edwardo sencion drove up to a south carson u hop and after firing an automatic weapon at a woman in a parking lot he entered the restaurant walked right up to a table of uniformed national guardsmen and shot each one. after leaving he shot himself in a parking lot and was
6:33 am
pronounced dead later in the hospital. his family said he suffered from mental illness and has routes in town. >> he actually lives here in carson family, most of his family does, they have a business on the california side and they were commuting back and forth. >> the sheriff's office will be working with the amount of tf to determine -- the atf to find out how he derived the weapon. we tried calling his family but the number has been disconnected. you can find continuing coverage of this story by going to our website also we have a crew in carson city and we will have more coming up beginning at 5:00
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p.m. a santa cruz woman was found last thursday by police who responded to reports of domestic dispute. she is the attorney and she was away with a man who is believed to be her boyfriend and he is currently being detained by authorities. there is a reason muny is considering a change. tara moriarty is in san francisco to talk about the proposal and what passengers are saying about it, tara? >> reporter: he said he hops on the bus through the back door so he didn't see what the big deal is. passengers have been lining up all morning here off of market street, they face bigger delays because everybody is getting on
6:35 am
to pay. right now everybody is supposed to go through the front. but there is a clipper card that transfers will go through the back toward. they are trying to cut down on the amount of time when go to city stops. >> if you go in the back you give your clipper card, it is more room and more convenient. >> reporter: one of the biggest changes muny will face is implementing this all door boarding system and cracking down on folks who don't pay their fares. they are already losing $20 million a year because of riders who done pay their fares. they will have been accused of targeting nonwhite passengers with their inspection program live in san francisco, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news.
6:36 am
well the cost of the recent bart protest has reached thousands of dollars. so far across the transit agency, they have lost $100,000 and most of that money went for overtime fees for staff. they will try to force bart to allow people to ride free. the death toll in new delhily after a deadly explosion. it blew up outside of a crowded courthouse at least ten people were killed more than 70 others were hurt. an islamic extremist group takes responsibility. several attacks in three mumbai
6:37 am
neighborhoods in july killing 20 people were a happening in july of this year. a team will begin searching for more victims and one of the hardest hit areas, we have a live report and we have learned the fires are 30% contained but calmer winds could help firefighters make some progress on the flames. it continues to threaten homes and that fire started sunday when a small plane crashed into a remote area. right now that fire is 40% contained. they are burning towards already burned land, they are using aircraft to battle by california. in brentwood city a man was arrested in connection with a fatal hit-and-run.
6:38 am
it hit a woman just after 7:00 last night. she was pronounced dead at the scene. police found the suspect's vehicle at a trailer park nearby. the alleged driver julio was arrested and was booked in the san mateo county jail. bay air quality management says the hot temperatures combined with fuel exhaust can contribute to smoke. they can use public transit if you can today. i know sal is busy trying to figure out how that scorning got into the ktvu channel 2 news room. -- scorning got into the ktvu channel 2 news newsroom. good morning everybody.
6:39 am
it could be either a two car crash, 237 just west of 880 it is beginning to stall traffic some over towards centreville. traffic is moving well passed the coliseum no major problems there. and as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are mentioning driving to san francisco which is a 15 minute wait there at the toll. let's go to steve. >> thank you sal. a little chuck will be in the newsroom. we do have some very thick fog hanging around inland it will not matter and the lows are in the 40s 50s and 60s. we are looking at the path and if you get to 1500 or 1600 feet, temperatures are already
6:40 am
80 degrees. if you get to the surface it is 25 degrees difference. sunny to warm today, a little bit more fog also a few high clouds spinning and i will show you the source of that in a second. looking to another low dropping in it will pump in a lot of high and mid-level clouds. we do not have a north or northeast winds and there is a westerly wind but for some it is just a puff on the breeze. coasts 60s, 70s and 80s and looking at napa 46. santa rosa upper 60s for others and these temperatures are still there. cole valley 48. outer sunset 51 and the marina
6:41 am
district at 52. southwest only they have no problem being in the upper 90s today. there is a system and you don't get a good look at it but you will get the water vapor there it is, that is source of high clouds no big deal but it's there. overnight low on the lows i should say, mostly sunny, it will be warm to hot 80s to 90s near 100 for some. fairfield 95, pittsburgh 98. 100 brentwood to 75 berkeley caster valley 85, 88 santa clark. woodside is the warmest along with palo alto 94. your weekend always in view
6:42 am
some high clouds and partly cloudy skies by the weekend. this time in belmont we will take you there live you are looking at picture from 6th avenue downtown belmont. a city project has been put on hold because of exposed pipeline. crews starting digging when they discovered the gap lines were much closer to the surface than maps indicated. pg&e said there is no way to determine the exact depth of the pipeline and right now they are covered with plywood but neighbors say it was fully exposed for more than a month and it is apparently owned in front of the battalion chief who is afraid a car might ride over it. pipeline safety once again in the headlines and we will have
6:43 am
more on this story coming up in 30 minutes on mornings on 2. in other news, the naked truth about public nudity in san francisco, controversy that is growing and why some people may soon be hit with a fine. and a test today of tsunami warning signs along the coast. when it will take place and why those sirens will sound louder than usual. >> goods morning if you are drive -- good morning if you are driving on the freeway, we will tell you why all of a sudden we are seeing a bigger slow down.
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. they are still searching for a motive in that carson city massacre. most of the members were from the national guard. muny may decide to let riders use all of the doors to board the bus to speed up service. other proof of payment will be allowed to board through the back doors of the buses. presidential candidates will take part in a debate at
6:47 am
the reagan presidential library. it will be the first debate of the campaign for texas governor rick perry. later this morning tsunami sirens will sound and we will have more on why this morning will be louder than usual, alex? >> reporter: the volume will be cranked up along the san mateo county coast today. the full volume test is to make sure the sirens can be heard across a broad area along the coast. this is one of those sirens that will be going off at 10:00. eight different sirens will be involved in this sing caron iced -- since caron iced test. people in this area say they take this tsunami threat seriously and they welcome any testing that can improve the
6:48 am
warning system. >> for me personally, i live 300 feet up so i am pretty safe, i think where i am at. i am worried for people who live in lamar and i think the tsunami warning is a good precaution to take. >> reporter: incase of a tsunami wave they are taking precautions after the one that hit earlier after that quake in japan. the san mateo office of emergency services say today's test is important because they need the sirens to reach as many as possible and sometimes people can't hear the sound when they are inside their houses. again it is only a test but it will be allowed test and again the sirens will be going off this morning. live in pacifica ktvu channel 2 news. a man suspected ever killing two people in mendocino
6:49 am
county may also be tied to an unsolved homicide in the bay area. they narrowed their search to a remote area east of fort brag. he is suspected of killing jerry mellow and for raft land manager matt coleman. ktvu channel 2 news has learned one of those unsolved cases is the killing of a young couple on a sonoma county beach seven years ago. the right to bear all can soon be restricted in san francisco. scott weaner introduced legislation targeting public nudity. you may not know this but you can walk around nude but it will require nudests to cover their seat if they sit down in public. a first offense will carry a $100 fine and the second offense will lead to a $200 fine and the third offense a
6:50 am
$1,000 fine and a year in jail. it will help maintain public health standards and we don't know if it will hurt or help business if you have to cover up in restaurants. >> you learn something every day. let's look at the commute. >> traffic has improved. no problems getting into san francisco, let's move along to the san mateo bridge. small delay at the toll plaza moving to the high-rise and going to 101 is a nice drive. between san mateo and red wood city still looking pretty good and of course when we check the south bay the slowest traffic
6:51 am
is on 101 north at mckey on the right shoulder and there is already slowed traffic from before on 280. let's go to steve. mostly clear skies, some patchy thick fog down on the ground and some inland temperatures will have no problem warming up fast. starting off with patchy fog on the coast and it can be -- visibility can be lousy in fact some of those locations will see that fog hanging out about 100 feet and on the golden gate bridge you can hit pockets of it where the fog is thick and some of that is down on the ground as well. coast and bridgeels some of the fog if it burns off 80 degrees. the city hit 70 yesterday. but other locations will struggle to get out of the lower to mid-60s and we are not making progress inland.
6:52 am
temperatures today will warm up rapidly some of the higher elevations are at the surface. 40s 50s and 60s, a lot of readings in the city, officially at 51 and 60 in mountain view. 59 san jose and a hint of sea breeze there. a low is spinning off eureka and it is producing a few high clouds, patchy dense fog clear to cool or warm depending on 40s, 50s and 60s. warm to 88 to 100 degrees inland and 96 in vallejo, concord pleasant hill, martinez 90. berkeley 75, heyward 83, 88
6:53 am
gilroy, cupertino 82, 72 san mateo, we will go for 73 in the city after a cool low of 51. it looks like an increase in the fog bank, maybe some partly cloudy skies with high and mid- level clouds. firing of the ceo of yahoo, the stock jumped about 6-point 5% and investors seem to be happy with the decision. she was been given a tough job two and a half years ago and now she has been given the boot and they will have an interim ceo serve until a permanent replacement is found. >> s&p 500 up more than 1.5 percent each and we were talking about what happened in germany, the government coming
6:54 am
in and talking about bailout packages and that's helping things out. holiday shopping friends are already emerging. one of the most popular gifts will be my pillow pets. they are pillows in the shapes of dogs lady bugs dinosaurs and other items expected to be helped, an interactive mikey mouse toy, and ugg boots. time now 6:53 lucky to be alive. >> i made it to shore and i said gosh, thank gold we are safe. >> gash thank god we are safe. >> what happened when this surfer came face to face with jaws. getting up to highway 17, another update on the commute straight ahead.
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. he can point to the marks where a shark bit his surf board. he looked down while surfing with his son and the shark took a bite at the board. the first thing his son did was look to see if his father still
6:58 am
had his hands and feet. westbound bay bridge, it is moderately heavy here. interstate 880 already getting crowded but it's not stop and go just yesterday. 101 is the heaviest. let's go to steve. >> thank you sal, except for some thick clouds, lined up with mostly sunny skies to near 100 degrees. coming up next, a police shooting in northern california, and also a deadly fall from a hospital window, police are saying one thing, family members are saying another. stay right here with us.
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